Where the Smart Money is Headed

Barron's Article about Dimensional by Beverly Goodman

Where the Smart Money is Headed

By Beverly Goodman

The word is getting out. 

Eleven years ago, I wrote a rare profile of Dimensional Fund Advisors with the headline "The Best Fund Family You've Never Heard Of... And Why It Doesn't Want Your Money." It's not quite a household name, and the quirky Austin, Texas-based fund company still doesn't sell directly to investors, but advisors are increasingly doing their part to bring DFA's passive strategies to the masses. 

In an annual survey just released, Cogent Research asked more than 1,700 financial advisors how likely they are to increase or decrease assets with 24 different mutual fund companies. For the third time in four years, DFA topped the list. Pimco came in second, Vanguard and Franklin Templteton tied for third, and T. Rowe Price and Ivy Funds tied for fourth.  Read more >

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