How It Works

Orion Portfolios are designed to be easy and hassle-free core long-term investment vehicles for investors seeking a globally diversified, tax-efficient means to systematically target securities with higher expected returns.

Each Orion Portfolio is designed to be a core component of an investor’s overall portfolio. It is not necessary to invest in more than one Orion Portfolio for the sake of diversification.

Getting started with Orion Portfolios is a simple three-step process. 

 Step 1

Select the Orion Portfolio that meets your investment objectives. (We can help you do this.)
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 Step 2

Review and complete Orion’s Investment Advisory Agreement and Statement of Investment Policy for your chosen Orion Portfolio.

 Step 3

Open your investment account at TD Ameritrade Institutional (or Pershing LLC if you are a non-U.S. investor) and then fund it via wire, check, or account transfer. (We help you do this.)

If you would like us to contact you to answer any questions and/or to send you an account application, please click here. 

Orion clients hold their assets in accounts in their own names. TD Ameritrade Institutional serves as our U.S. clients’ custodian and Pershing LLC serves as our non-U.S. clients’ custodian. Our clients’ assets are never comingled with other assets. 

Once your account is funded we begin building your chosen Orion Portfolio. You will receive quarterly performance statements—delivered electronically—from us along with monthly account statements sent directly to you from your custodian, whether it is TD Ameritrade Institutional or Pershing LLC.

We handle all ongoing portfolio monitoring, trading and fund selection. Each Orion Portfolio is initially invested as closely as possible to its stated allocation weights. However, as prices move, allocation weights shift. We monitor these shifting weights and rebalance each portfolio back to it targeted allocation when one or more of its asset classes has shifted by at least 20% from its original target weight.

For example, in Orion Portfolio #4, the DFA International Core Equity Fund is targeted to have a portfolio weight of 12%. If that weight should shift by 20% (thus 2.4 percentage points) to either below a portfolio weight of 9.6% or above a portfolio weight of 14.4% the portfolio is a candidate to be rebalanced.

Asset Security

Without our clients’ confidence in the location and security of their assets, we have no business. Orion’s custodians, TD Ameritrade Institutional and Pershing LLC, are recognized leaders in the registered investment advisor custodian business.

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