Orion Capital Management LLC, the investment manager for Orion Portfolios, is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Coronado, California, USA. We opened our doors in 2002 with a clear and simple mission: to grow and to protect our clients’ wealth by implementing durable, resilient investment strategies that are both comfortable for our clients and suitable for their financial circumstances. Learn More ›
Our recommended account minimum is $250,000, but we will make exceptions in certain cases.

Accounts for U.S.-based investors are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Accounts for non-U.S. investors are held at Pershing LLC. To learn more about our custodians, please click here.

No. Portfolios are candidates to be rebalanced when the portfolio weight of one or more asset classes has diverged meaningfully from its target weight.

Yes. Our custodian notifies you automatically each time we make a trade in your account. You can also monitor your account positions and transactions via 24/7 secure online access.

We deliver performance reports to our clients four times per year, at the end of each calendar quarter.

We deduct our management fees in arrears, at the end of each calendar quarter, and deliver our invoice to you along with your account performance report.  Accounts opened or closed in the middle of a quarter will be billed pro-rata for management services rendered during the quarter. Our management fees are deducted directly from the accounts we manage.

Your assets are held in an account in your name at either TD Ameritrade Institutional or Pershing LLC. We do not have access to your funds except to deduct our quarterly management fee.

You can deposit additional funds into your account at any time via check, wire or account transfer.

You can withdraw funds from your account simply by asking us to send them. If we need to trade to free up funds for your withdrawal, it will take three business days for the trades to settle and for your funds to become available. We request that you notify us at least three weeks before you require cash from your account. There are no penalties for withdrawing funds. You will incur normal transaction costs for trades made to free up cash for your withdrawal. Withdrawals made by check that are sent by First Class Mail are free. Withdrawals made by wire may incur a wiring fee. Withdrawals made via an electronic link to a bank account are normally free.

No. We serve at your pleasure and you may close your account at any time at no cost to you. We merely require written notification that you would like us to cease management of your account. Your management fees will be pro-rated to account for the time that we managed your account. We will then assist you in transferring your account.

Orion is not affiliated with the custodians who hold our clients' accounts. No money changes hands between Orion and our account custodians. Our compensation is derived directly from our investment clients only. We have chosen our custodians based only on the merits of the service they provide.

Orion is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) operating under a fiduciary standard. As an independent fiduciary, our only loyalty is to you, our clients. We have no sales relationship with any company—including Dimensional. No money changes hands between Orion and Dimensional. We choose to construct Orion Portfolios exclusively from Dimensional funds because we believe that their funds offer our investors the best combination of a robust, research-based investment strategy, cost-effectiveness, tax efficiency, trading acumen and consistency of strategy implementation.

We hold client information in the highest confidence. We will never rent or sell your information and will divulge client data only as required by law.

In addition to receiving Orion’s quarterly performance reports, you will also receive monthly account statements delivered directly to you by your account custodian.

Yes. You have 24/7 secure online access to your account through your custodian’s website.

Getting your account set up is quick and hassle-free. You simply fill out an account application, review and sign our advisory agreement and statement of investment policy. These forms can be completed in 20 minutes and we are pleased to walk you through the process. Once your account application is submitted, accounts are normally open in 24 to 48 hours. To begin the process, please contact us via our Getting Started form

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