Our Firm

At Orion Portfolios, our mission is to provide our investors direct and cost-effective access to portfolios constructed exclusively of funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).

Dimensional funds are not available to the public at large, but Orion, as a Dimensional-approved firm, offers a line-up of five professionally managed core portfolios to achieve a range of investment objectives.  To learn about why we use only Dimensional funds to construct our portfolios, please click here

The investment manager for Orion Portfolios is Orion Capital Management LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Coronado, California, USA.  We opened our doors in 2002 with a clear and simple mission: to grow and protect our clients’ wealth by implementing durable, resilient investment strategies that are both comfortable for our clients and suitable for their financial circumstances.

We are an independent fiduciary, and as such we guard the interests of our clients vigorously. We are committed to providing our clients investment management that is grounded in our objective research and judgment.

Our firm is structured to align our interests as closely as possible with the interests of our clients.  As a fee-only firm, we charge a management fee based upon the assets that we manage.  We receive no commissions or other fees based on transactions and we do not sell any financial products.  Finally, because we are 100% employee-owned and have no corporate parent, we are free to focus exclusively on managing our clients’ investment portfolios.

Today, Orion has a diverse base of clients that includes individuals, families, corporations, trusts, non-profit organizations and corporate pension plans.

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