Retirement Plans

At Orion, we seek to establish the most beneficial retirement plan for each client's circumstances, including:


A SEP-IRA is a retirement plan designed for business owners to make tax-deductible retirement plan contributions for themselves and their employees.  The biggest postive about SEP-IRAs is that they are quick and easy to set up and are easy and vitually free to administer.  The biggest negative--relative to the other main plan that a business owner might choose, the Individual 401(k)--is that because of the way the contribution limit is calculated, a business owner at a certain income level is able to make a larger contribution to an Individual 401(k) than to a SEP-IRA.

If you would like to find out more about how we can set up a SEP-IRA for you or about tranferring your SEP-IRA to Orion Portfolios, contact us at 619-435-1701 or click here.

Individual 401(k)

An Individual 401(k), also known as a Solo(k) or Self Employed 401(k), is a qualified retirement plan designed specifically for employers with no full-time employees other than the business owner(s) and his/her spouse.  The biggest positive is that at a given income level, those contributing to an Individual 401(k) can make a large contribution to the plan relative to their level of self-employment income.  Two negatives to consider are that the plan is limited to a business owner and his/her spouse (companies with full-time employees are not eligible) and that it does take a little bit of time to administer the plan.  All in all, an excellent option to build one's nest egg.

If you would like to find out more about how we can set up a Individual 401(k) for you or about tranferring your Individual 401(k) to Orion Portfolios, contact us at 619-435-1701 or click here.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan

The defined benefit (DB) pension plan is not as well-known as other retirement vehicles, but we have found it to be the most powerful retirement savings and tax-cutting tool for our clients who are small business owners or independent professionals.  This IRS-approved qualified retirement plan has the highest allowable contribution and enables its owners to put away 2 - 4 times what they might contribute to a SEP or 401(k).

Find out if a DB plan is right for you here.

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