Our Relationship with Dimensional

Orion is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) operating under a fiduciary standard.

As an independent fiduciary, our only loyalty is to you, our clients. We have no sales relationship with any company—including Dimensional. No money changes hands between Orion and Dimensional. We choose to construct Orion Portfolios exclusively from Dimensional funds because we believe that their funds offer our investors the best combination of a robust, research-based investment strategy, cost-effectiveness, tax efficiency, trading acumen and consistency of strategy implementation.

Many mutual funds are sold to clients by their advisors/brokers who then receive a commission for steering their clients’ assets into particular funds. (Many funds that have A, B, and C share classes are distributed (sold) in this manner.)

Dimensional, on the other hand, has no such sales relationships. It relies solely on the overall value proposition of its funds to attract investors. And it depends on independent fiduciaries—such as Orion—to understand its value proposition and explain it to clients.

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