Why Orion Portfolios?

Investors today have a very wide array of firms and strategies from which to choose. Why should you invest with us?

Here are six reasons to consider:

1. We Work For You

As an independent fiduciary, our only loyalty is to you, our client.  Orion is a fee-only advisor, so you never have to worry about us contacting you to try to sell you any financial product.  You can count on us for prudent, objective management of your assets.

2. Peace of Mind

Investing can be stressful.  You can have confidence that by investing with Orion Portfolios your portfolio will maintain broad diversification and minimize trading costs while systematically targeting securities with higher expected returns.

3. Ease of Use

Turn-key Orion Portfolios are simple to use.  Once you are invested with us, we take care of portfolio monitoring, fund selection, trading, and ongoing rebalancing.  You can take that three-year sailing trip around the world and have confidence that your portfolio will continue to adjust to market fluctuations so that it consistently targets your chosen investment objective.

4. Access to Dimensional Funds

Orion Portfolios are constructed solely of Dimensional Funds, which are not available to retail investors.  We believe Dimensional funds offer the best value proposition in the fund industry.

5. A Cost-Effective Solution

Investors must keep costs low to derive maximum benefit from their investing.  Our fee structure is meaningfully lower than the vast majority of other investment advisory firms.

6. Top Quality Partners

To bring Orion Portfolios to our clients, we have partnered with three of the most well-known and highly respected firms in the world.

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